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Southbank bags a hat-trick!

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 4 October 2018
Southbank bags a hat-trick!

Highlights from the goals scored on Tuesday evening 25th September 2018 at Red Emperor, Southbank

Goal 1 (1' min): Every year the District Governor pays an official visit to every Rotary Club not only to meet & greet but also to provide latest news/coverage of what great work Rotarians and Rotary as whole does locally and internationally. On Tuesday evening 25th September 2018, Southbank had the honour welcoming District Governor Bronwyn Stephens from Rotary Club of Melbourne South with her partner Past President Dr. Mark Stephens from Rotary Club of Brighton North at Red Emperor in Southbank.

District Governor Bronwyn Stephens presented her view and assessment on how Rotary Club of Southbank is doing in the first three (3) months of the 2018-19 year and she is amazed of the achievements so far. She emphasised how the Southbank has revolutionised itself to adopt flexibility, engaging young professionals, promotion through various technology platforms, having a great year programme and many others. In addition, she shared how Rotary was the driver in establishing the Bone Marrow Donor Institute (BMDI) Rotary House in North Melbourne back in 1999 and now it is at full capacity. District Governor Bronwyn Stephens urges that we be the driver again to build a better and modern BMDI Rotary House and she shared a video of which patients and family thank Rotary for our efforts.


Goal 2 (30' min): Exactly a year ago, Raj Veeran was inducted as a member to our club and now he is the club's Treasurer. He has shown great leadership, ownership and drive to make this club successful for many years to come and to make our club financially strong - congratulations Raj on your anniversary. On the day, we inducted Zeenath Zareen (in short Zee) to our club and she is a second (2nd) generation Rotarian (just like President Amritpal Singh and President-Elect/Vice President Sally Page) as her father is a Rotarian in Sri Lanka. Zee's vocation is in education (primary) and has a community project in establishing a home for mothers & children from difficult backgrounds in Sri Lanka. Her fundraiser event is on Saturday 10th November 2018 themed 'Be Real - Be You' strongly urge you attend and support Zee's cause.


Goal 3 (injury-time 60' min): Whenever we have a District Governor visit, it coincides with our club annual Blue-Ribbon Day fundraiser which Rotary has been involved for nine (9) consecutive years since 2009 raising over $25,000. Immediate Past President Liam Jones is a member of the Blue-Ribbon Day Community Council and with his persona plus auctioning skills; he raised over $50,000 some years ago which he obtained recognition. Proceeds from donations goes towards building public medical facilities throughout Victoria that honours the names of fallen Victoria Police Officers.

Usual target for each Rotary Club is to raise $100 through sergeants' fines, head/tails, bidding or any others forms of fundraising. Rotary Club of Southbank raised $250 by auctioning a $100 JB Hi-Fi gift voucher which Past President Dr. Mark Stephens won, beating Assistant Governor Dale Hoy in a nail-biting one-on-one (1-1) contest.

We like to acknowledge the spectators (visiting Rotarians & Guests) that came:

  • Rotary Club of Melbourne South
    • District Governor Bronwyn Stephens
  • Rotary Club of Brighton North
    • Past President Dr. Mark Stephens
  • Rotary Club of Brighton
    • Assistant Governor (Batman Cluster) Dale Hoy
    • Maureen Hoy
  • Rotary Club of Central Melbourne
    • Rtn. Suvam Ganguli
  • New Member
    • Zeenath Zareen (Zee)
    • Faisdeen Marikkar
  • KPMG Australia
    • Bharadwaj Swamination (Rotary Alumni - Interactor)
  • Southbank Resident
    • Wolf Mildenberg

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