Our clubs meets at:

Southbank: Belgian Beer Café, Southbank

Southbank Orbit Millenial Satellite Club: Online

Southbank CEO Satellite Club: Online

Please check our club meetings & events schedule for more information

Rotary for me is about bringing like minded people together for the betterment of the society. I am passionate in the area of finance where I would like to help people less fortunate to be more financially savvy in this modern society. Another area that I am passionate about is sports and health.
, Treasurer

Rotary as an International organisation is by-partisan, non-policial supporting "causes" "issues" and needs globally! Rotary International, is highly respected working tirelessly with its members and clubs, to make our World a better place.
, Warrior Mom

Rotary provides for me the inspiration and motivation from people for common good. We all come together in strength with a common purpose to assist the less fortunate to make our world a better place both socially and evironmentally.

Rotary for me is helping others and making this world a peaceful and better place to live in.
, President

Rotary for me is a way for me to share my passions for IT and connect with make friends with people form a whole range of backgrounds. It has given me opportunities in Leadership and compassion that has been invaluable in my social and professional life.
, Secretary

Members Words

Rotary for me is about bringing like minded peo...

Raj Veeran


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President: Jasmin Dhillon

Secretary: Stuart McArthur

Our club meets at:

Soutbank Belgian Beer Café, 5 Riverside Quay, Southbank (or Online during Covid-19) Tuesdays 6.30pm

Southbank Orbit Satellite Club of Millenials: Online (Fortnightly: Thursday 6.00pm)

CEO Satellite Club: Online (3rd Thursday: 7.30am)

Please check our club meetings & events schedule for more information