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Personal Branding

Your values, your brand!

How you promote yourself

When considering a career you also need to consider your personal brand and your values to ensure that your career aligns to this.

Your personal brand is how you promote yourself and what you are known for. Your personal brand can make an impression even before someone has met you!

Personal branding is always ongoing as we grow and learn however consider the following:

  1. Values - Values are things you believe are important. Examples may be family, adventure, wisdom, knowledge, honesty. It's important to consider a career that aligns with your values. For example a vegan working in an abattoir is not likely to enjoy their role!
  2. Social Media - Consider your social media footprint. What do you have available for public viewing and does this align with the values that you want to present to a potential employer.
  3. Presentation - Consider your brand in how you present. If you want to succeed in a corporate role for example, you would not arrive at work in your gym attire. Dress to the brand you want to portray
  4. Actions - You want your actions to match to your personal brand to ensure you have credibility. If you consider yourself caring and empathetic then your actions need to reflect this.


Reaching out to your network

Your referees

  • At the beginning of your job search it is appropriate to think of suitable referees who can speak of your education and/or experience.  Usually two or three references are sufficient.
  • A credible referee should know you well and be able to speak about your background and past activities.
  • Once you have identified several potential referees, contact them and request use of their name. It may be helpful to provide them with your résumé.
  • When asked for the names of your referees by a prospective employer, contact the referees if you think the prospective employer will call them. Advise them who is likely to call and when. Let them know your interest in and suitability for the position and any progress in terms of interviews.
  • Remember to send your referees a thank you note, and to keep in touch with them.

Now it's time to write your resume!

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