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Tucson cruises to Southbank

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 11 December 2018
Tucson cruises to Southbank

Southbank Conversations & Meetup is our club's 'informal meeting' where it gives an opportunity for club members to catch-up (including Rotary Family & Friends) and to also discuss about projects (planned or idea initiation) at the Belgian Beer Cafe, Southbank when we don't have our formal meetings scheduled.

On Tuesday 11th December 2018, Rotarian Drew Vactor and his wife Honorary Member Kandie Vactor from Rotary Club of Tucson, Arizona U.S.A (chartered in 1921) visited our club as they had a stopover in Melbourne while cruising around Australia on Seven Seas Mariner. Their visit to Australia is to celebrate their upcoming 50th wedding anniversary in 2019 and they shared their love story & journey since they met in university (Drew majored in Marketing Management and Kandie majored in Marketing Advertising). Rotarian Drew Vactor presented Rotary Club of Tuscon's club banner to President Amritpal Singh and both Drew & Kandie had an enjoyable make-up meeting before heading back to Seven Seas Mariner to continue their romantic cruise holiday.

Biodata of Drew Vactor(reference from 2014-2015 Tucsotarian Newsletter)

Some members of our Rotary Club know that Drew is a recovering restaurateur, having run a 5 Star/5 Diamond restaurant called The Tack Room for many years.

In 2000, he retired to a world of International travel as a guest lecturer on cruise ships for 6 years.  As a high ranking SCUBA Instructor, he and his wife, Honorary Rotarian Kandie Vactor, have led exotic live-aboard dive boat trips around the world for 15 years while doing web site design as the Owner/Webmaster of 5 Star Web Design (for more information, please visit www.kandive.com).

He created the Rotary Club of Tucson's original website and the original website for our Tucson Classics Car Show. Drew is a Paul Harris Fellow and has served on many Rotary committees including currently on our AV and Contract committees. He has been on our Car Show Leadership Team since its inception. He has also been chair of our Four Way Test Committee, Office Committee, Bylaws Committee and our 5 Year Plan Committee.

In addition, he was on our Board of Directors in 2011-2013.  He was one of the original supporters of eClub One and helped get it started and approved. He also currently serves on the Board of Directors of the International Skiing Fellowship of Rotarians (ISFR).

Drew has been a very active member of the Rotary Club of Tucson since 1986. Even with his busy schedule, he has maintained perfect attendance for over 28 years, making up around the world.

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