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Belgian Beer Café, 5 Riverside Quay, Southbank

Please check our club meetings & events schedule for more information

Nominations Open for Sir John Reid Community Service Award

Posted by Rotary Club of Melbourne on 30 August 2018
Nominations Open for Sir John Reid Community Service Award
"More than 1.5 million volunteers are making an important impact across Victoria in building our communities, services, and connections. The Rotary Club of Melbourne wishes to pay tribute to those dedicated achievers, and encourage others to follow their lead through the Sir John Reid Community Service Award.

To nominate a candidate, please download the instructions and nomination form at the Rotary Club of Melbourne website at:


The generosity of the John T Reid Charitable Trusts has made it possible for the Rotary Club of Melbourne to make a significant grant of up to $10,000 to the organisation where the awardee has volunteered.

Nominations must be received by 5pm, 14 September 2018."
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Homeless World Cup Revisited - 10 Years on!

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 29 August 2018
Homeless World Cup Revisited - 10 Years on!

Part of the journey leading up to presidency was to understand the rich history of projects/events which the club has done since the club chartered back in 1999. Though it is challenging and at times leading to no leads, I kept on trying and something came up! 

Tung Dinh (a close friend of mine) mentioned about George Halkias who ran the Melbourne Homeless World Cup back in 2008 and used to be his boss at the Victims Referral and Assistance Service department in the Victorian Government. To add, I did not know the Rotary Club of Southbank was part of the Melbourne Homeless World Cup and did a tremendous amount of work leading up for that big tournament which I attended and got my first ever sun burn! So through separation of different links, somehow it does end up in something in common, friends + Rotary + big event - how wonderful is it?

We thank George Halkias for coming back to the club last Tuesday on 28th August 2018 to relive the moments prior, during and after the Melbourne Homeless World Cup 2008 and we had a great turnout who came to hear him speak. We also welcomed back Past President Tracey Browne and her partner Ross (past members) who were involved in ensuring the Melbourne Homeless World Cup 2008 ran smoothly and we thank them for sharing their stories. Not forgetting, Rotarian Wayne Eade and Rotarian Sharon Eade from Rotary Club of Invercargill South, District 9980 New Zealand who visited us while on holidays and we are blessed having international visiting Rotarians and guests visiting our club - really appreciate it!

Rotary Club of Laurieton in New South Wales (District 9650) made a toast to our club on 6th August 2018 (they sent us a beautiful pamphlet) to foster friendship & goodwill and hope our club members visit them in the near future. In return of their kind gesture, we made a toast to Rotary Club of Laurieton and I personally called President Barbara Jackson to relay our thank you and mentioned we will include them in our weekly newsletters.

We like to acknowledge the visiting Rotarians & Guests that came:

The Big Issue

  • George Halkias - Guest Speaker

Rotary Club of Invercargill South, District 9980 New Zealand

  • Rtn. Wayne Eade
  • Rtn. Sharon Eade

University of Melbourne

  • Katie Wilford Rotary Global Scholar from Iowa, USA

Past Members

  • Rotary Club of Southbank Past President (2006-2007) Tracey Browne
  • Ross Pilkington


Remember to keep the following dates free and to RSVP on our website:

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Rotaract Harry Potter Trivia Night

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 26 August 2018
Rotaract Harry Potter Trivia Night

J.K. Rowling created the Harry Potter phenomenon when the first novel (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) was released on 26th June 1997. But who would have thought twenty-one (21) years later a trivia on Harry Potter would be held? Well that took place on 25th August 2018 at the Fitzroy Town Hall organised by Rotaract Club of Melbourne City, Australia (co-sponsored by Rotary Club of Southbank and Rotary Club of North Melbourne).

A total of eight (8) rounds consisting of questions from the novels/movies were thrown to over 60 guests which consistent of Rotaractors, Rotarians, family and friends. Not only it was a fun filled with laughter trivia night but also a fundraiser for Lift the Lid on Mental Health in which the Rotaractors raised over $1,100 - congratulations to them!

Looking towards more events like this in the future and to get the collaboration/closeness between Rotary and Rotaract. President Martin Wilson acknowledged Rotary's presence and support for coming on behalf of Rotaract Club of Melbourne City, Australia.

Following Rotarians, family and friends attended the Harry Potter Trivia night:

Rotary Club of Southbank

  • President Amritpal Singh
  • Ravinder Bhal
  • Tung Dinh
  • Sam Davies

Rotary Club of North Melbourne

  • President Mary Zindilis
  • George Zindilis
  • Stephanie Zindilis

Rotary Club of Brighton North

  • President Meg Ryan
  • Peter Killey

Rotary Club of Altona City

  • President Brownyn Fanning
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Rotary Leadership Institute Experiences

Posted by Jasmin Dhillön, Lilian Ndarukwa & Sally Page on 25 August 2018
Rotary Leadership Institute Experiences

Over 2 Sundays in August, 2018, our members Lilian, Sally & Jasmin attended the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) where they undertook . RLI is aimed at potential club leaders, as well as those who wish to build their Rotary knowledge, and provides Rotary education and leadership training in a facilitated discussion format.  It was noted at the outset that having leadership skills does not alone assure good

Rotary leadership. An effective Rotary leadership must also have Rotary knowledge, perspective about where Rotary has been, where it is going and a vision of what Rotary can be. None of them were pleased to learn that it took a 1987 US Supreme Court decision for women to be allowed to become members of Rotary however they all acknowledge that Rotary has certainly come a long way since and the amazing impact it has had in society since its first gathering in 1905.
On day 1 of the 2 action packed days, they pondered the above-mentioned questions over Part 1 & 2 which focused on growing & strengthening the club with the sub-topics of My Rotary Club and Members, Teams & Leaders.  Where they learned about the history of Rotary, how to create and contribute to a forward thinking, healthy, vibrant and innovative club and strategic planning and received training on leadership. On day 2 they completed Part 3 & 4 where they learnt about the Foundation and Increasing Humanitarian Service and enhancing public image and awareness. Lilian, Sally & Jasmin have been inspired by the RLI training and look forward to discussing their new ideas and insights with the club at the next meeting.

Of particular interest was the extensive resources available on My Rotary, how to apply for grants for projects and the matching gifts program, all of which have the ability to help our club make a massive impact. All in all it was a wonderful two days where our members got to connect with members from other clubs in District 9800 and share stories and inspiration and have the company of the lovely Rotary leaders Julie & Lesley. We are looking forward to a successful year at South Bank and District 9800,

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Rotary and Ray White Southbank - A little Ray of Giving

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 22 August 2018
Rotary and Ray White Southbank - A little Ray of Giving

Despite the strong winds and potential rains, we had our club meeting on 14th August 2018 at the Belgian Beer Cafe in Southbank - seventeen (17) of us braved the weather so kudo's to everyone!

Andrew Salvo from Ray White Southbank gave us an update on "A little Ray of Giving" program which has been running nationally by all Ray White branches throughout Australia for awhile. Last year in 2017, Ray White Southbank came fourth (4th) in the Victoria state and received numerous in-kind and cash donations; partial of that success was  partnering/collaborating with our club. Vision and ambition is for Ray White Southbank to top the Victoria state in this program this year in 2018 and to get as much exposure from the Southbank and nearby communities to give as much / little where possible to help our unprivileged communities through the program.

We also had visiting Rotarians and their family members who came all the way from Pune, Maharashtra, India to pay our club a visit - from the Rotary Club of Pune Nagar Road, India (District 3131). Banner and business card exchange was conducted and oh my, how District Governor Nominee Philip Archer was humbled to be connected with his roots as he was born in Pune many many years ago! Though, the banter continues in the club on who is REAL INDIAN in the club, lol (laughing out loud)!

We like to acknowledge the visiting Rotarians & Guests that came:

Ray White Southbank

  • Andrew Salvo - Guest Speaker
  • Lilian Kwan

Rotary Club of Pune Nagar Road, India (District 3131)

  • Charter President Rajendra Danke
  • President-Elect Sanjivani Danke
  • Premsai Danke (Family of Rotary)
  • Dr. Vijaya Danke (Family of Rotary)

Rotary Club of North Melbourne

Prashant Nand - His induction is on 6th September 2018 @ Mercure Hotel North Melbourne; please contact North Melbourne Rotary Club directly to RSVP.


  • Marta Tonelli from Italy - Long time friend and former colleague of President Amritpal Singh where both of them worked at St. Columba's College, Essendon about 9 years ago.
  • Ravneet - Guest of Jasmin Dhillon

Remember to keep the following dates free and to RSVP on our website:

25th August 2018: Harry Potter Trivia Night - Hosted by the Rotaract Club of Melbourne City
28th August 2018: Melbourne Homeless World Cup - 10 years on!
31st August 2018: Rotary "International" Presidents Breakfast
3rd September 2018: Your Highest Pay Ever - Exclusive Interview Skills Workshop
11th September 2018: Club Meeting - The Giver is the Getter
25th September 2018: District Governors' Visit

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Letter to the Rotary Club of Bangsar, on the occasion of the club changeover

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 19 August 2018
Letter to the Rotary Club of Bangsar, on the occasion of the club changeover

Message from President Amritpal Singh

Rotary Club of Southbank, Melbourne Australia (District 9800) to our sister club, Rotary Club of Bangsar, Malaysia

19th August, 2018

Rotary Club of Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

District 3300

My heartiest congratulations on your club's installation of President Vinesh Thanabalasingam and his board of directors. I am delighted to be given the opportunity to pen a few words.

Many of your club members and even Rotarians throughout District 3300 in Malaysia know that I'm a second (2nd) generation Rotarian and my parents are Past District Governor (2008-09) Dr. Rajindar Singh and Past Assistant Governor Surendra Kaur from Rotary Club of Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia in District 3300, your turf!!!

When I was President-Elect last year in 2017-18, Rotary Club of Southbank decided to expand our sister club relationship as then we have Rotary Club of Bali Taman, Indonesia as we had done two (2) Global Grant projects with them (2014 Water Project & 2018 Women's Health Project). Rotarian Judy Parslow from my club who is your greatest supporter and ally for many years, put the idea up to then President Liam Jones (2017-18) and I and we didn't hesitate, so we got the sister club agreement forms arranged and formalised right away that all happened on 29th August 2017.  We are so proud and happy we have formed this relationship with your club and hope this continues for years to come.

To add that at my club's changeover/installation on 7th July 2018 this year, we also formed a sister club agreement with Rotary Club of Teluk Intan! It's an honour and blessing to have two (2) clubs from District 3300, Malaysia to have formed sister club relationship with our club.

Our clubs were chartered on the same month, with your club celebrating it's 35th Anniversary next year on 16th May 2019 and my club celebrating its 20th Anniversary next year on 26th May 2019. We are separated only by fifteen (15) years and ten (10) days! Both clubs have rich history and takes pride for its undertakings and achievements since founding years till today.

Though the case, we should/must consider change to how we portray ourselves as Rotarians and how we represent Rotary as in our communities. In the past few months at Rotary Club of Southbank, we have made necessary changes and we can see results, it's proven. Like any other corporations, industries and others, Rotary clubs needs to reinvent ourselves to be purposeful, meaningful, and beneficial so we have engaged members, interested people to be subscribed members and to have people volunteer with Rotary whenever possible.

On behalf of the members from Rotary Club of Southbank, I take this opportunity to congratulate Incoming President Vinesh and his board for the 2018-19 term and to Outgoing President Billy and his board for their services during the 2017-18 term. And many thanks for having us as your sister club all the way from Down Under, AUSTRALIA!!!

Yours in Service,


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New Zone 8 Public Image Coordinator Newsletter

Posted by Gina Bowden, Rotary Zone 8 Public Image Coordinator on 15 August 2018
New Zone 8 Public Image Coordinator Newsletter

Welcome to the first Zone 8 Public Image newsletter for 2018-19. It is a huge honour and a privilege for me to have been appointed as Rotary Public Image Coordinator for our Zone for 2018-2021 and while the task seems daunting at times, I'm very much looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead. Being a Public Image Coordinator is a responsibility I do not take lightly and I will do everything possible over the next three years to ensure that the trust shown in me by Rotary International is deserved. We, my team of Assistant Coordinators and I, are excited about the opportunity to work with all of you over the coming months in our efforts to raise Rotary's profile.

  • Meet the Public Image Coordinator Team
  • Hobart Public Image Seminar
  • Sharing our PI Stories
  • Floriade Charity Partner
  • Brand News
  • Are we making the most of our Opportunities?

Read the full newsletter.


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#RotaryDay at the Winter Night Market

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 14 August 2018
#RotaryDay at the Winter Night Market

We weren't sure if it would go ahead due to excessive rain and the cold, however the weather got better around 5:30pm and off we went. Fifteen (15) or more of us consisting of Rotarians (Southbank and North Melbourne), Rotaractors from Melbourne City,  family and friends who came to enjoy the festivities at Queen Victoria Market on the Wednesday night on 8th August 2018.

It was an enjoyable day not just for the company and being part of the night market, but to also promote Rotary to wider public in this setting. Several patrons to the night market came up to us to ask about Rotary, the projects at hand and many other topics, as we donned our Club T-Shirts. Therefore, we decided to piggy back this event as over 20,000 people were at the Winter Night Market but most importantly it echo's what Rotary International President Barry Rassin said "Rotary Days events to offer the chance to have an impact in your community, build long-term partnerships, increase interest in membership, and improve Rotary's image". Acknowledgement goes to Raj Vithi Veeran and his parents for making the t-shirts for our club and coordinating the delivery from Malaysia to Australia.

You would think that promotion online via website and social media channels would not get much taction or attention to draw committed people for club meetings/events/project. We were proven wrong as we met Levent Tökün who found our event on Facebook. He is a Rotaractor from Istanbul-Maslak Rotaract Club in Turkey and studies in Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany doing his World Heritage Studies Master's Program. He came to Melbourne, Australia on a six (6) months study exchange program with Deakin University in Cultural Heritage Master's Program. His Rotary journey begin when he was twelve (12) when he joined Interact and then Rotaract when he turned eighteen (18). Levent was a member of Rotary International Rotaract-Interact Committee two (2) years ago and to add, his mother and aunt have been Rotarians for two (2) years with the Rotary E-Club of D2440, Turkey.

Levent says that "Rotary is the best school for me" and thanks Southbank Rotary for our welcoming event with so much energy and thank President Mary Zindilis and President Elect George Zindilis from North Melbourne Rotary for their warm conversation.

No matter how big or small our club meetings/events/projects are, it means to be meaningful, purposeful, and impactful within and outside Rotary. It is now a month and a half since commencing the 2018-19 and it's been amazing to see how the necessary changes in the club is sparking more action of ideas coming to reality and having interest from our communities wanting to know and be part of Rotary (either in volunteering and/or being a subscribed member). Many more of this to follow-on throughout the year!

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Membership & Community Development

Posted on 13 August 2018
Membership & Community Development

This month is about Membership & Community Development and we have done a number of things (yes, again!) which includes:

  • #RotaryDay at Winter Night Market on 8th August 2018
  • Rotaract District 9800 Changeover on 11th August 2018
  • Rotary Leadership Institute (Part 1) on 12th August 2018

Remember that person or group of people you met either from a common gathering, workplace, events or through mutual connections who'd like to give back to local and international communities? Are they Rotary Alumni's who are currently or have participated in our programs in the past (Peace Scholarships, Youth Exchange, Group Vocational Exchange, Rotaract, Interact, EarlyAct, RYLA, MUNA, NYSF & other) ? - why not you tag them along for Rotary club meetings/event/projects to showcase what Rotary does and to show that we are PEOPLE OF ACTION!

I hope that we improve our membership base and to have a strong group of volunteers through Family & Friends of Rotary to help us in the good work we do. We can't be content with what we have and we need to keep improving & growing all the time. As President, I'm proud with all the members in Southbank Rotary for their tireless dedication, passion, hardwork and ambition to do good in the world through their vocation and helping communities (local & aboard) by upholding the "Service Above Self Motto".

Remember to keep the following dates free and to RSVP on our website:

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