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Extravaganza Party!

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 18 December 2018
Extravaganza Party!

We thought why not we throw a massive party to celebrate Christmas, New Year's Eve and our very own member Rotarian Judy Parslow's birthday on Tuesday, 18th December 2018 at the Belgian Beer Cafe, Southbank. Theme of the party was 'Over the Rainbow' which was to celebrate peace and happiness in the world. It was also a fundraiser for Seven Women which our club pledged to donate $1,000 to build a toilet for Seven Women's Guesthouse in Kathmandu. 


Seven Women's Guesthouse in Kathmandu will be a training ground for disabled and marginalised women to learn new skills in the hospitality industry, creating employment pathways. Once renovated, this enterprise will generate local income through housing tourists. These funds will be used to fund core programs like education, skills training and income generation in rural and remote Nepal.

President Robert Fisher (Rotary Club of Melbourne) gave a toast to Rotary International, President Meg Ryan (Rotary Club of Brighton North) gave a toast to Australia and President John Wall (Rotary Club of Melbourne South) gave a toast to diversity.

President Amritpal Singh gave his remarks and congratulated the club for the efforts made to date (Jul'18 to Dec'18) and urged all members, visiting Rotarians and guests to look out for what is in store for 2019 (Jan'19 to Jun'19). In 2019, our club will be hosting the Multi-District Conference Club Dinner at the Belgian Beer Cafe, Southbank on Friday 15th February 2019 and will be celebrating the club's 20th anniversary on Sunday 26th May 2019.

Few awards were presented:

  • Certificate of service recognition & penny for Polio to DJ Nico Deoki for giving his time to entertain all guests for this occasion.
  • Rotary Hero awards to Rotarian Judy Parslow (Rotary Club of Southbank & Seven Women Supporter) and Rotarian Stephanie Woollard (Rotary Club of Melbourne & Seven Women Founder + CEO) for their commitment, dedication and superheroic spirit to upload the ideals of doing good in the world.


Rotarian Judy explained about the theme of the event and had a number of games like hitting the pinata, friendly fining of guests who accidentally burst their balloons by donating to the rainbow jar and many others to keep everyone entertained & upbeat. Even Santa Claus came to give presents to all of us!!


The main extravaganza was the auction (including the silent auction) on a number of items which was donated to the club for the Seven Women fundraiser. Rotary Club of Southbank raised $2,742 for Seven Women which $1,000 will go towards building the toilet for the Guesthouse in Kathmandu and the reminder $1,742 will be given to Seven Women as education scholarships.


It was a successful 'meeting + event' to end 2018 and the club will be back on Tuesday, 15th January 2019 - click here for more information.

We like to acknowledge the visiting Rotarians & Guests that came:

  • Family of Rotary
    • Saira Griffin - Zaparas Lawyers & Rotary Club of Southbank First Lady (Fiancé to President Amritpal Singh)
    • Vivien Kane - Spouse of Rotarian Nicholas Kane
  • Rotary Club of Brighton
    • Assistant Governor (Batman Cluster) Dale Hoy
    • Maureen Hoy
  • Rotary Club of Essendon
    • Assistant Governor (Calder Cluster) Jenny Foster
  • Rotary Club of Brighton North
    • President Meg Ryan
    • President Nominee Peter Killey
    • Past Assistant Governor (Batman Cluster) Kate Strain
    • Doug Thompson
  • Rotary Club of Melbourne
    • President Robert Fisher
    • Myra Fisher
    • Rotarian Stephanie Woollard
    • Rotarian Ryan Saville
  • Rotary Club of Melbourne South
    • President John Wall
  • Rotary Club of Central Melbourne
    • President Nominee Therese Robinson
  • Rotary Club of North Melbourne
    • Past President Neville Page
    • Rotarian Judy Page
  • Rotaract Club of Melbourne City, Australia
    • President Martin Wilson
    • Alex Trakula
  • Seven Women Supporters
    • Jane Odgers
    • Tim Beardall
  • Guests of Rotarian Zeenath Zaren
    • Tanvi Chawla
    • Mansi Chawla
  • Guests of President Nominee Jasmin Dhillon
    • Brenda Cooke
    • Jane Doyle
    • Andrew Vance
    • Maxy
    • Georgia Pattos
    • Campbell Olsen
    • Archie Agarwal
  • Guests
    • Dean Fakira - Former Member
    • Manoel Felipe - Hononary Member from Rotary Club of Cruzeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Tatiane Dave
    • Sara Grisi
    • Ranielson Santana
    • DJ Nico Deoki
Author:Amritpal Singh
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