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Coming together in Southbank

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 21 February 2019
Coming together in Southbank

Coinciding with the Victorian Multi District Conference, we hosted fifty-five (55) Rotarians and guests across District 9800, interstate and overseas for our Club Conference Dinner at the Belgian Beer Cafe in Southbank on Friday 15th February 2019.

It was a memorable evening as we had Sameer Vikram Babber (guest speaker) who spoke about "How small and medium businesses leverage data and technology to scale up business with ease", raised over $300 through raffles + auctions and celebrated birthday's for the February babies with a humongous Brunetti cake which amazed Immediate Past President Liam Jones!

We like to acknowledge the visiting Rotarians & Guests that came:

  • Guest Speaker
    • Sameer Vikram Babber - Managing Director & CEO of SVB Group
  • Rotary Family & Guests (6)
    • Saira Griffin - Zaparas Lawyers & Club First Lady      
    • Dr. Balvindar Kaur - Sister of President Amritpal Singh      
    • Jim Chronopoulos - Brother-in-law of President Amritpal Singh     
    • Jaqui Clark - Allianz        
    • Dean Fakira - Past Member       
    • Bharadwaj Swaminathan - KPMG Australia & Former Interactor from Malaysia
  • Rotary Club of Melbourne South (2)
    • District Governor Bronwyn Stephens
    • President John Wall
  • Rotary Club of Brighton (2)
    • Assistant Governor (Batman) Dale Hoy
    • Maureen Hoy
  • Rotary Club of Brighton North (1)
    • Past Assistant Governor (Batman) Kate Strain
  • Rotary Club of Melbourne (1)
    • Katie Wilford - Rotary Global Scholar from Iowa, USA
  • Rotary Club of Cruzeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil (1)
    • Manoel Felipe - Hononary Member 
  • Rotary E-Club of Melbourne (2)
    • President Gabe Hau (Past President of Southbank in 2008-09)
    • Past Assistant Governor (Stonnington) Caroline Ord
  • Rotary Club of Beecroft, New South Wales (1)
    • Immediate Past President Mark Anderson
  • Rotary Club of Altona City (1)
    • President Bronwyn Fanning
  • Rotary Club of Laverton Point Cook (2)
    • President Catherine O'Connor         
    • Rotarian Fay Lunn   
  • Rotary Club of North Melbourne (12)
    • President-Elect George Zindilis
    • Past President Neville Page
    • Rotarian Judy Page
    • Past President Andrew Georgiou
    • Amanda Georgiou
    • Rotarian Larry Robb
    • Susan Robb
    • Immediate Past President Manjula Pragasam
    • Subu Pragasam
    • Rotarian Sainab Sheikh
    • Hassan Sheikh
    • Genny Degasperi
  • Rotary Club of West Footscray (13)
    • President Adam Gray
    • Angelika Gray
    • Past President Greg Ollett
    • Sue Ollett
    • Past President Denis O'Brien
    • Mary O'Brien
    • Rotarian Gabrielle Morgan
    • Past President Roger Climie
    • Jenny Climie
    • Immediate Past President Cecil Schmalkuche
    • Jane Schmalkuche
    • Rotarian Ian Johnson
    • Betty Johnson
Author: Amritpal Singh
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