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#PeopleofAction - Tree Planting Day & Run Melbourne Fundraiser

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 5 August 2018
#PeopleofAction - Tree Planting Day & Run Melbourne Fundraiser
What are the odds that two (2) club projects/events would occur on the same day, that exactly happened to us on Sunday, 29th July 2018. It was a fulfilling day for the club and we enjoyed it so much! This is why we join Rotary because we are PEOPLE OF ACTION!

Tree Planting Day - in conjunction with National Tree Day

It was National Tree Day where Rotarians joined together from clubs (Southbank, Croydon, North Melbourne, Essendon North), scouts and other community groups to plant trees. Thanks to a huge turn out of volunteers, we planted over 4,000 trees in under an hour!

We'd like to acknowledge and thank everyone from the four (4) clubs:

Rotary Club of Southbank (11)

  • Amritpal Singh
  • Saira Griffin
  • Stuart McArthur
  • Raj Vithi Veeran
  • Ashwinna Asair
  • Lilian Ndarukwa
  • Zareen Zeenath
  • Faisdeen Marikkar
  • Neha Bachani
  • Kim Sng
  • Carl Attwood

Rotary Club of Croydon (8)

  • Jean Stuart
  • Joy Varughese
  • John Anderson
  • Kevin Francis
  • Ross Taylor
  • Eric Thomas
  • Bev Thomas
  • Dawn Anderson

Rotary Club of North Melbourne (3)

  • Mary Zindilis
  • George Zindilis
  • Manjula Pragasam

Rotary Club of Essendon North (1)

  • Nathan Phan

Run Melbourne - Fundraiser for Steps Outreach Service

We raised a massive total of $8,691.54 through donation & fundraising for Steps Outreach Service in conjunction with Run Melbourne 2018. Members of the club (Philip Archer, Sally Page and Liam Jones) were the people of action in making this happen! Since 1985, Steps Outreach Service help young people with long-term relational and practical support, including advocacy, referral and material aid and Rotary Club of Southbank has been supporting Steps for over 15 years.

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