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Standing for diversity in our community

Posted by Rotary LGBT Fellowship on 14 January 2019
Standing for diversity in our community

The Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender diverse, and intersex (LGBTI) community have, and still face many struggles today. As Rotarians we must celebrate the diversity of all aspects of our communities and come together for the second time ever to be part of the Midsumma Festival Melbourne Pride.

Late last year our Rotary family came together for an LGBTI+ awareness session on 1st December 2018. Our next step is to promote Rotary within the community as an open and inclusive organisation and to walk side by side with members and allies of the LGBTI community.

This year we will hold an information stall at the Midsumma Festival, promoting Rotary as an organisation that is inclusive and open to all members of the community. Midsumma Festival serves as a celebration of Pride and many organisations hold stalls to promote themselves to the broader community, in order to raise awareness for inclusion. Being involved says you are an ally to the LGBTI community and shows Rotary as a diverse and inclusive organisation.

Volunteer at Midsumma Carnival
20th January 2019
Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne
Register your involvement and select a time here.

March in Pride
3rd February 2019, 10:30am
Fitzroy St, St Kilda
Registration and more information here.

Order Rotary Pride Merchandise
We have polo tops, Pink Fluro Vests, Hoodies, Singlets and Rotary Pride flags available.
Purchase online here.


For more information about our involvement in Midsumma Carnival and Midsumma Pride march, visit our website and distribute the poster below.

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Home Away from Home

Posted by Zeenath Zareen on 21 December 2018
Home Away from Home

"Surround yourself with people who inspire you to do better" by Robyn Williams

Joining Rotary Club of Southbank was the best decision I made in 2018 where I've met amazing Rotarians who have inspired me to be better and do better for the community. In some way or the other, it has ignited
my faith in humanity and inspired me to take action.

As a new member, I have received tremendous support from President Amritpal Singh and members of the club which is amazing. Within a month of my induction to Rotary on 25th September 2018, my husband and I found out that we are expecting our first child.

Having attended the Christmas party on 18th December 2018 at the Belgian Beer Cafe, I got to know a lot of
incredible people who genuinely put their energy into making this world a better place. This inspired me to continue with my journey towards giving back to the community.

Rotary delivers what it promises and I'm so happy to be a part of this wonderful organisation of incredible people.

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Extravaganza Party!

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 18 December 2018
Extravaganza Party!

We thought why not we throw a massive party to celebrate Christmas, New Year's Eve and our very own member Rotarian Judy Parslow's birthday on Tuesday, 18th December 2018 at the Belgian Beer Cafe, Southbank. Theme of the party was 'Over the Rainbow' which was to celebrate peace and happiness in the world. It was also a fundraiser for Seven Women which our club pledged to donate $1,000 to build a toilet for Seven Women's Guesthouse in Kathmandu. 


Seven Women's Guesthouse in Kathmandu will be a training ground for disabled and marginalised women to learn new skills in the hospitality industry, creating employment pathways. Once renovated, this enterprise will generate local income through housing tourists. These funds will be used to fund core programs like education, skills training and income generation in rural and remote Nepal.

President Robert Fisher (Rotary Club of Melbourne) gave a toast to Rotary International, President Meg Ryan (Rotary Club of Brighton North) gave a toast to Australia and President John Wall (Rotary Club of Melbourne South) gave a toast to diversity.

President Amritpal Singh gave his remarks and congratulated the club for the efforts made to date (Jul'18 to Dec'18) and urged all members, visiting Rotarians and guests to look out for what is in store for 2019 (Jan'19 to Jun'19). In 2019, our club will be hosting the Multi-District Conference Club Dinner at the Belgian Beer Cafe, Southbank on Friday 15th February 2019 and will be celebrating the club's 20th anniversary on Sunday 26th May 2019.

Few awards were presented:

  • Certificate of service recognition & penny for Polio to DJ Nico Deoki for giving his time to entertain all guests for this occasion.
  • Rotary Hero awards to Rotarian Judy Parslow (Rotary Club of Southbank & Seven Women Supporter) and Rotarian Stephanie Woollard (Rotary Club of Melbourne & Seven Women Founder + CEO) for their commitment, dedication and superheroic spirit to upload the ideals of doing good in the world.


Rotarian Judy explained about the theme of the event and had a number of games like hitting the pinata, friendly fining of guests who accidentally burst their balloons by donating to the rainbow jar and many others to keep everyone entertained & upbeat. Even Santa Claus came to give presents to all of us!!


The main extravaganza was the auction (including the silent auction) on a number of items which was donated to the club for the Seven Women fundraiser. Rotary Club of Southbank raised $2,742 for Seven Women which $1,000 will go towards building the toilet for the Guesthouse in Kathmandu and the reminder $1,742 will be given to Seven Women as education scholarships.


It was a successful 'meeting + event' to end 2018 and the club will be back on Tuesday, 15th January 2019 - click here for more information.

We like to acknowledge the visiting Rotarians & Guests that came:

  • Family of Rotary
    • Saira Griffin - Zaparas Lawyers & Rotary Club of Southbank First Lady (Fiancé to President Amritpal Singh)
    • Vivien Kane - Spouse of Rotarian Nicholas Kane
  • Rotary Club of Brighton
    • Assistant Governor (Batman Cluster) Dale Hoy
    • Maureen Hoy
  • Rotary Club of Essendon
    • Assistant Governor (Calder Cluster) Jenny Foster
  • Rotary Club of Brighton North
    • President Meg Ryan
    • President Nominee Peter Killey
    • Past Assistant Governor (Batman Cluster) Kate Strain
    • Doug Thompson
  • Rotary Club of Melbourne
    • President Robert Fisher
    • Myra Fisher
    • Rotarian Stephanie Woollard
    • Rotarian Ryan Saville
  • Rotary Club of Melbourne South
    • President John Wall
  • Rotary Club of Central Melbourne
    • President Nominee Therese Robinson
  • Rotary Club of North Melbourne
    • Past President Neville Page
    • Rotarian Judy Page
  • Rotaract Club of Melbourne City, Australia
    • President Martin Wilson
    • Alex Trakula
  • Seven Women Supporters
    • Jane Odgers
    • Tim Beardall
  • Guests of Rotarian Zeenath Zaren
    • Tanvi Chawla
    • Mansi Chawla
  • Guests of President Nominee Jasmin Dhillon
    • Brenda Cooke
    • Jane Doyle
    • Andrew Vance
    • Maxy
    • Georgia Pattos
    • Campbell Olsen
    • Archie Agarwal
  • Guests
    • Dean Fakira - Former Member
    • Manoel Felipe - Hononary Member from Rotary Club of Cruzeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Tatiane Dave
    • Sara Grisi
    • Ranielson Santana
    • DJ Nico Deoki
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Southbank's launch of 'A Little Ray of Giving'

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 14 December 2018
Southbank's launch of 'A Little Ray of Giving'

Ray White Southbank organised the launch of the 2018 'A Little Ray of Giving' on Friday afternoon, 14th December 2018 where there was free bianco latte ice-cream (gold coin donation), Santa greeting patrons + children and Rotarian Anne Mitchell from Rotary Club of Carlton & Steps Outreach Service as guest speaker.


'A Little Ray of Giving' is Ray White's very own community charity initiative where offices across Australia and New Zealand get behind the disadvantaged in our local communities and put a smile on their faces at Christmas time. Ray White Southbank will again be partnering with Rotary Club of Southbank for a second (2nd) year running.

Rotarian Anne thanked Andrew Salvo and his wonderful team at Ray White Southbank who partnered with our club to fundraise and donate gifts and grocery vouchers to Steps Outreach Service to help support young people and families experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.


Following on from the launch, volunteers from Rotary and Melbourne start-up iDibs helped Ray White Southbank to wrap over 500 Christmas gifts on both Tuesday, 18th December & Wednesday, 19th December 2018. Rotary Club of Southbank and Ray White Southbank would like to acknowledge the following volunteers who gave their time to do gift wrapping on the dates mentioned:

  • iDibs
    • Tiorentina
    • Liang Zhang
    • Linhan Li
  • Rotary Club of Southbank
    • President Nominee Jasmin Dhillon
  • Rotary Club of North Melbourne
    • Past President Darren Veerapa




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Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)

Posted on 13 December 2018
Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)

A Rotary District 9800 Sponsored Program

Joint Host Club (Rotary Clubs of Glenferrie and Chadstone East Malvern) and the organizing Committee are Seeking Teams of Senior Students for

Saturday April 27 to Sunday 28, 2019 At Swinburne University in Hawthorn

MUNA stands for Model United Nations Assembly, which simulates the workings of the UN Assembly by having teams of two senior students from each of a number of schools represent a particular UN country in debates on matters of world political and social concern. It is a Rotary International program and enthusiastically supported by the United Nations.

MUNA is designed for school students usually in senior classes of secondary schools. Over the years they have primarily come from year 11 students but occasionally we have had some from year 10 and year 12. Depending on their maturity and confidence some year 10 students may find it a little intimidating but on the other hand we have also previously had an individual year 10 winner. A team consists of the two students. More than 1 team per school is possible.

In 2019 MUNA will be held on the weekend April 27 and 28 at Swinburne University near Glenferrie Station in Hawthorn. Greater Melbourne area students come each day by public transport and return home at night. Students from outside greater Melbourne come on late Friday afternoon and will be billeted on Friday and Saturday nights in Rotary homes not far from Swinburne. The MUNA cost is $375.00 for 2 students and the sponsor Rotary club meets this cost. A Foreign Exchange Student can be added to make a 3 person team. The extra cost is $140.00 so a 3 person team total cost is $515.00.

Student Registrations for MUNA close Friday March 1 2019, 8 weeks before MUNA.

Six weeks before the Assembly (i.e. March 15) each team is allocated a country to represent and provided Model United Nations resolutions. This gives the team time before the Assembly to prepare. They are expected to familiarize themselves with the country they represent and be ready to debate the UN resolutions pertinent to their country. All team members must wear the national dress of their country in all assembly sessions. Details, programs, rules of debate and information about the countries allocated, will be provided to the students at the same time.

During the weekend students will learn about the workings of the United Nations, the Security Council and general rules of debate. MUNA aims to enable students to improve their public speaking and debating skills; and to encourage them to make sympathetic and informed comments on world problems and share their opinions and friendship with students from other schools.

Various prizes are awarded at the end of MUNA. A winning team is selected and will be offered the chance to go to the National MUNA session in Canberra in August 2019 to represent District 9800.

We strongly recommend this very popular program to all clubs and ask that you go to your local schools and find a team of 2 students (clubs may sponsor more than 1 team). Then have students complete the Excel registration form, print it, sign it, have it signed by a parent or guardian and lastly photograph the signed form. After these steps the student send two files (the Excel file and the photograph file) to the MUNA Chairman, Newton Langford, nlangford@optusnet.com.au. An invoice will be sent to the sponsor club immediately after a team registration is complete. Payment is required before MUNA. Please call me if you need assistance.

Newton Langford. D9800 MUNA 2019 Committee Chairperson 03-9529-7395

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Tucson cruises to Southbank

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 11 December 2018
Tucson cruises to Southbank

Southbank Conversations & Meetup is our club's 'informal meeting' where it gives an opportunity for club members to catch-up (including Rotary Family & Friends) and to also discuss about projects (planned or idea initiation) at the Belgian Beer Cafe, Southbank when we don't have our formal meetings scheduled.

On Tuesday 11th December 2018, Rotarian Drew Vactor and his wife Honorary Member Kandie Vactor from Rotary Club of Tucson, Arizona U.S.A (chartered in 1921) visited our club as they had a stopover in Melbourne while cruising around Australia on Seven Seas Mariner. Their visit to Australia is to celebrate their upcoming 50th wedding anniversary in 2019 and they shared their love story & journey since they met in university (Drew majored in Marketing Management and Kandie majored in Marketing Advertising). Rotarian Drew Vactor presented Rotary Club of Tuscon's club banner to President Amritpal Singh and both Drew & Kandie had an enjoyable make-up meeting before heading back to Seven Seas Mariner to continue their romantic cruise holiday.

Biodata of Drew Vactor (reference from 2014-2015 Tucsotarian Newsletter)

Some members of our Rotary Club know that Drew is a recovering restaurateur, having run a 5 Star/5 Diamond restaurant called The Tack Room for many years.

In 2000, he retired to a world of International travel as a guest lecturer on cruise ships for 6 years.  As a high ranking SCUBA Instructor, he and his wife, Honorary Rotarian Kandie Vactor, have led exotic live-aboard dive boat trips around the world for 15 years while doing web site design as the Owner/Webmaster of 5 Star Web Design (for more information, please visit www.kandive.com).

He created the Rotary Club of Tucson's original website and the original website for our Tucson Classics Car Show. Drew is a Paul Harris Fellow and has served on many Rotary committees including currently on our AV and Contract committees. He has been on our Car Show Leadership Team since its inception. He has also been chair of our Four Way Test Committee, Office Committee, Bylaws Committee and our 5 Year Plan Committee.

In addition, he was on our Board of Directors in 2011-2013.  He was one of the original supporters of eClub One and helped get it started and approved. He also currently serves on the Board of Directors of the International Skiing Fellowship of Rotarians (ISFR).

Drew has been a very active member of the Rotary Club of Tucson since 1986. Even with his busy schedule, he has maintained perfect attendance for over 28 years, making up around the world.

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30 Years of RAGMSA (Rotarian Action Group of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness)

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 4 December 2018
30 Years of RAGMSA (Rotarian Action Group of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness)

We had the honour and privilege to have Past President Martin Taurins and Rotarian Diana Taurins from Rotary Club of Gisborne to talk about their journey with Rotarian Action Group of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness (RAGMSA) and how the formation evolved for the past thirty (30) years on Tuesday, 4th December 2018.

Photo from left to right: Past President Martin Taurins, Rotarian Diana Taurins and our very own Past President Steven Aquilina

Their late son, Past President Jacob Taurins from Rotary Club of Essendon North was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at age 20. Before Jacob was diagnosed, Martin and Diana joined the Rotary Club of Gisborne to give back after thier daughter went to Sweden on a Rotary Youth Exchange. Members from Rotary Club of Gisborne had empathy for Jacob's condition and started a club project, which later became a district-endorsed program. This encouraged Martin and Diana to gather together Rotarians internationally with an interest in finding a cure for the disease and form the Rotarian Action Group for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness (RAGMSA) to help clubs organize projects to assist individuals and families impacted by MS, promote MS awareness and urge Rotarians to work with their local MS societies to get involved.


Martin and Diana vowed to continue this journey and encourages us to volunteer with RAGMSA to take it to greater heights (more information can be found here -  Why the Rotarian Action Group for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness (RAGMSA) was formed).

We like to acknowledge the visiting Guest that came:

  • Global Education Solutions
    • Racquel Shroff
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2018 RYLAian from Southbank

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 2 December 2018
2018 RYLAian from Southbank

Rotary Club of Southbank sponsored Grace Sheehan for this year's 2018 RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award). It is a residential camp unlike any other. Over seven days, participants are immersed in a program centered around  four key themes: Challenge by choice, diversity, community and time out. We give young people aged 18-25 the opportunity to step away from the distractions of their busy lives and provide the space to think about what is important to them.

Grace enjoys playing (netball, swimming) and watching sports (tennis)  She is also passionate about music where most of her family is very musically inclined so it comes pretty naturally. She has been playing the guitar for some years and enjoys traveling to different countries or going on family holidays.

Grace is a community minded teenager who has been in programs around 'social justice and community work' at her school. She went on a cultural immersion in 2017 and stayed in an Aboriginal community for a week to help them out. Not forgetting, Grace was also part of a program called "Building Bridges" where volunteers from different religious schools got together to learn about different religions and close the gap between these stereotypes to empower young people.

We hope that Grace with her family members can come to one of our meetings in 2019 to share her RYLA experience.

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Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018

Posted by Amritpal Singh on 20 November 2018
Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018

Part of our club Constitution dictates that the club is required to hold an annual general meeting within five months after the end of the association's financial year which is by 30th November latest every year. This year's Rotary Club of Southbank's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Tuesday 20th November 2018 at the Belgian Beer Cafe, Southbank whereby the election of the 2019-2020 board was conducted. This included the Presidents report (Immediate Past President Liam Jones) and Treasurer's report (Immediate Past Treasurer Amritpal Singh) from 2017-2018.

The following club members were elected to their respective roles for 2019-2020:

  • President: Sally Page
  • Immediate Past President: Amritpal Singh
  • Vice President: Nicholas Kane
  • President-Elect: Jasmin Dhillon
  • Secretary: Past President Stuart McArthur
  • Treasurer: Lilian Ndarukwa
  • Director (Club Service): District Governor-Elect Philip Archer
  • Director (Foundation): Past President Steven Aquilina
  • Director (Community Service): Past President Liam Jones
  • Director: Past President Wendy Bennett

The club also discussed about meeting frequency and confirmed to continue to meet every Tuesday night (as stated in our club ByLaws) with a combination of formal and informal meetings.

  • The focus of having two formal meetings per month will continue as a way of ensuring that we maintain quality meetings with large attendances and high profile guest speakers.
  • On intervening weeks, members can continue to meet at the Belgian Beer Café, Southbank to catch up, plan projects and ensure a regularity of meeting experience - this informal meeting is branded as Southbank Conversations & Meetup.
  • Members are encouraged to attend other district functions in addition to their own club commitments.

On behalf of the board and club, I'd like to thank the following observers for coming:

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Prancing in the Park for Polio

Posted by Susie Cole, Catherine O'Connor, Amritpal Singh on 17 November 2018
Prancing in the Park for Polio

On Saturday 17th November, District 9800 came together to help take the fight right up to Polio with the very first End Polio Prance. Forty-one (41) Rotarians and Walter the Great (Polio) Dane pranced their way around Albert Park Lake in Melbourne on beautiful morning that raised $103,512.75 give or take a few cents.



Thanks to District & Foundation funds PLUS the matching 2:1 donation from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we were able to reach and exceed our target. Special thanks to the Rotary Clubs of Albert Park, Caroline Springs, Laverton Point Cook, Malvern, Melbourne South, North Balwyn, Prahran, Southbank, Woodend and Wyndham who all created teams of Prancers for the day and of course to all the individual Prancers and those who sponsored us.

Look out for the event next year on Saturday, 26th October 2019 when we hope to be prancing under the banner of End Polio for the last time.

Past President Susie Cole
Rotary Club of Prahran
District 9800 End Polio Chair
President Catherine O'Connor
Rotary Club of Laverton Point Cook
President Amritpal Singh
Rotary Club of Southbank


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