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"Taking the Leap of Faith - Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt"

Guest Speakers - Dino Hara and Amanda Micallef, author and reality TV Star from Married at First Sight

Venue:Belgian Beer Cafe
Venue Address:5 Riverside Quay, Southbank VIC 3006
Starting:6:30 PM
Tuesday 11th February 2020
Ending:7:30 PM
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You may have seen him on one of Australia's most watched reality tv shows Married At First Sight, but there is a side to Dino Hira that many may not know. Dino has worked in the Mining industry for 10 years as a Mine Controller and when he first started it was all about making great money and being caught in the Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) rat race.

After a struggle with his mental health in 2014 and a transformational period in 2015, Dino realised his new way of life starts with an awareness of the importance of believing in your inner self, listening to the heart, and embracing a healthy mind, which has become essential to all that he does.  

With a connection to his heart and intuition, a beautiful story has emerged. He has been given experiences to help him reach out to more people with his important message, including being a male pageant winner, Mr. Australasia 2016, a successful international model and also volunteering time and energy to support various charity organisations around the world. Today, he runs guided mindfulness meditation and hypnotherapy workshops for individuals and groups, whose clients include drug and alcohol rehab centres around Perth as weLL a Perth's Casuarina maximum security prison.

One of the most important parts of Dino's journey has been to compile all his experiences into a book titled, A Miner Who Wins Inner Peace, which was published in 2018. Through thoughtful sharing and insights to help all especially those struggling with mental health, Dino inspires to touch reader's hearts and help them find the keys to improving all aspects of life, while finding and maintaining a sense of Inner Peace.

Dino also recently launched his lifestyle brand The Modern Yogi Co which aims to share ancient Meditation techniques, Wisdom as well as Ayurvedic and wellness products to today's Modern World, for better management of stress and health.

Visit Dino's website to learn more about him and his book.

"Taking the Leap of Faith - Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt"

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