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Rotary SAFE Families

Posted by Dorothy Gilmour on 11 September 2021
Rotary SAFE Families

What is Rotary SAFE Families?

“Simply, Rotary SAFE Families is a primary prevention method of stopping abuse. Abuse being physical, financial, emotional, coercive control to women, men, elderly and our children.

With powerful messages of the “3RRR’s” of abuse prevention, Rotary SAFE Families provides the “What to do” if faced with a sense of helplessness when witnessing abuse.

We must NOT continue to be passive bystanders, and convincing ourselves: “This is not my problem!” “I must not interfere!”, “What can I do?”. Instead we must be informed and apply the 3RRR’s of prevention:

  1. Recognise the signs of abuse;
  2. Raise our concerns safely with the victim;
  3. Refer the victim to appropriate support (000 if emergency)/1800 RESPECT or Make the call yourself!!!

When was the last time you discussed abuse and elder abuse with your family, friends or work colleagues? Why is abuse a “taboo” subject.

In 1985, the Traffic Accident Commission, rolled out a campaign around drinking and driving: “If you drink’n drive … you’re a bloody idiot!”  Do you remember?  36 years later, and millions of dollars of marketing, our culture has slowly changed and we know that drinking and driving is unacceptable and a crime.  Abuse is also unacceptable and a crime!

Rotary SAFE Families campaign, asks that all Australian Rotarians,

  • become aware of this “taboo” subject,
  • endorse the primary prevention methods provided in our website,
  • provide a Champion from each Club to assist in the circulating of these, free of charge, methods and films, to Members far and wide.

Share Rotary SAFE Families resources with your communities and businesses,

  • create a collective Australian Rotary voice, promoting Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere.
  • Let us “chip, chip away” at changing the culture that drives abuse, just as we did in 1985 with changing the culture around drinking and driving. 
  • We don’t have millions of dollars to spend, but we do have 30,000 Rotarians who are committed to making a difference. 
  • We can easily distribute the prevention of abuse messages around Australia by linking and supporting Rotary SAFE Families.

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Author:Dorothy Gilmour

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