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A voice for Good

Posted by David Jones on 29 June 2019
A voice for Good

Are You Free on April 4th for a Sing at Boyd 10.30 11.30?

A few short weeks ago, members of the Club wowed guests at our 20th Anniversary Dinner with an inspiring rendition of 'Hey Jude'.  In just a few of our meetings in May, we were coached by Music Director Kerry Gerraty from Upbeat Arts.

The vision for "South Village Singers" was formed.

Our Club now plans to hold Choir sessions ahead of our scheduled evening meetings twice a month.  So the Rotary Club of Southbank will host the 'Evening Chapter' of South Village Singers. 

Upbeat Arts has been hosting a Friday morning Choir at Boyd Community Hub for many months.  Under Kerry's leadership the group will become the 'Morning Chapter' at the Boyd Community Hub.  Presently, this group is a small, but growing, community choir with many members coming from the Choir of Hard Knocks. 

We will rehearse separately, but come together for performances . . . . and some good times.


We need singers to join in a gig at Boyd Community Hum on July 4th.  It is their 7th birthday.

10.30am Meet at Archway Group  (117 Queensbridge St)
  Warm up and preparation
11.00am Short Performance at Boyd
  Hey Jude
  2 old time favourites (which you will know)
11.15am Morning Tea and fellowship  (optional)

Can you join us?

Please contact David Jones

PH: 0419 889 646

Email: David.a.jones@bigpond.com





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