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5 Clubs 4 Clusters 1 Combined Meeting

Posted by Stuart McArthur on 18 June 2019
5 Clubs 4 Clusters 1 Combined Meeting

Across the world, there are thousands of Rotary Clubs. Each are independent and have their own local projects, but it is when they connect with other clubs and share ideas, they can learn new ways of doing things, create opportunities to do things differently and have a greater impact.

So it was on Monday 17th June, 2019, when members of the Rotary Clubs of Port Melbourne, Southbank, North Melbourne, Glen Eira and Bentleigh Moorabbin Central came together for a combined meeting at the Cricketers Arms Hotel in Port Melbourne.

Special thanks go to the Rotary Club of Port Melbourne for being the host club. The night allowed an opportunity to share a range of projects undertaken by each club. By leveraging the talents of other clubs we can do bigger and better things and learn and grow together.

Rotary Club of Port Melbourne - The little club that does big things
  • Providing Morning Tea in Parliament
  • Sending used hospital beds to Chile to support palliative care hospitals
  • Working with Rotary Club of Albert Park to run a book fair
  • Running BBQ's at Bunnings
  • Donation of a Mobility Scooter by club member
  • Set up of a hotel / school / café / Dental Surgery in Balibo East Timor while restoring the old Balibo fort
  • Currently investigating Malnutrition needs in East Timor - Supporting Farmers in East Timor to grow crops that will assist
  • Pigs for Cambodia
  • Hosting of a Trivia Night at the St. Kilda Town Hall in support of Father Bob.
  • Planning a cruise around Port Melbourne.
  • Planning guest speaker from Mercy Ships could be a great opportunity for another combined meeting and will lead to a fundraiser.
  • Planting Trees in Port Melbourne
  • Supporting girls from MacRob with the set-up of an Interact Club and supporting them to attend Rotary Programs such as RYPEN, RYLA and the Science Experience.
Rotary Club of Southbank
  • Combining with Ray White in Southbank to support their Christmas giving appeal 'A little Ray of Giving' and supporting local charities including Steps Outreach Service and Launch Housing'
  • Planting Trees with First friends of Dandenong creek and also at Westgate Park.
  • Participating in Run Melbourne.
  • Combined with other District clubs to participate in an 'End Polio Now walk around Albert Park Lake Themed Punks and Princesses where everyone dressed up
Rotary Club of Glen Eira
  • Works in the Homelessness space
  • Food Bank community information support combined with Glen Eira council
  • Run a monthly program called Nourish along with Beth Israel which has expanded to volunteering in Alma Park to feed 30-40 homeless people
  • Volunteering at St. John's church
  • Will run an Indian Cultural Day on 18 August to highlight projects in their country in partnership with Rotary Club of Warrnambool Central
  • Installation of 200 Solar lighting kits in India
Rotary Club of North Melbourne
  • Very Successful at running BBQ's for Bunnings / Election Sausages, etc. and inundated by requests for more opportunities
  • Sell / Donate water filters to South America
  • Had representatives from Afri-Aus Care at their last meeting along with the Black Rhinos Basketball Team. This will also lead to a fundraiser. Selba Luka from Afri-Auscare also attended the combined meeting at Port Melbourne.
Author:Stuart McArthur
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